Tolgus Tin/Sten Talgos

On Saturday 4th October Agan Tavas is arranging a visit to Tolgus Tin near Redruth. A chance to see all the machinery for extracting tin from the finer particles. A part of the machinery is still working. Tolgus Tin is part of Cornwall Treasure Park. The visit starts at 10.00am and we meet in the car park. There will be a vocabulary of the tin industry provided and also a quiz in Cornish for those walking around. Furthermore there will be a chance to see the Redruth Old Cornwall Society museum which is part of the Tolgus Tin complex. £2.00 entry.

After the visit will be lunch in The Cornwall Treasure Park restaurant. Please advise Ray Chubb 01209 842394 e-mail if you are coming.

De Sadorn 4a mys Hedra yma Agan Tavas ow restry vysytyans dhe Sten Talgos ogas dhe Resruth. Yth yw chons dhe weles oll an jynweyth usyes rag gwaynya sten, (stoff sten du), dhyworth an manylyon. Yma tam an jynweyth owth obery whath. Sten Talgos yw ran Park Tresor Kernow. Dalleth an vysytyans yw 10.00kh res yw metya yn park kerry. Y fydh gerva an negys sten provyes hag ynwedh kesstryv rag an re usy ow kerdhes adro. Moy ages hemma y fydh chons gweles an gwyhty Cowethas Kernow Coth Resruth yw ran an tyller Sten Talgos. £2.00 rag entrans.

Wosa an vysytyans y fydh prys ly yn bosty Park Tresor Kernow. Gwreugh avysya Rag Chubb 01209 842394 ryv-bost mar mynnough why mos.

Gorsedh Kernow 2014

The ceremony of Gorsedh Kernow is held in a different place each year. This year it was held in Torpoint on the bank of the Tamar. What a beautiful view over the Gorsedh circle to Devon on the far bank of the Tamar. Attending the Gorsedh were people from Wales, Brittany, Scotland and of course every part of Cornwall.

Of course Agan Tavas was represented there with a book stall that displayed our new drop down banner. Also two Agan Tavas members were made bards that same day. For passing the exams and continuing work for the language, Pat Parry is now a bard with the name: 'Gwylan Gernow' (Kittiwake) and her husband Gareth, the treasurer of Agan Tavas, is the bard named 'Mab Meliner Gwlan' (Son of a Wool Miller).

Solempnyta Gorsedh Kernow yw synsys yn tyller dyfrans yn Kernow pub bledhen. An vledhen ma synsys a ve yn Pentar war lan an Tamer. Ass o splan an gwel dres kelgh an Orsedh bys Dewnans war lan pella dowr Tamer. Devedhes dhe Orsedh Kernow o pobel dhyworth ha Kembra ha Breten Vyan hag Alban ha, heb mar, pub randyr a Gernow.

Cannasedhyes o Agan Tavas ena, heb mar, gans stalla lyfrow esa ow tysquedhes agan baner noweth. Ynweth yth esa dew esel Agan Tavas gwres byrth noweth an kethsam deth na. Awos sowyny yn apposyansow ha servys usy ow pesya abarth agan yeth, Pat Parry yw lemmyn barth gans an hanow; 'Gwylan Gernow' ha  hy gour Gareth, Alwedhor Agan Tavas, yw an barth hynwys; 'Mab Meliner Gwlan'.


Camborne Music Festival/Gol Ylow Cambron

The Camborne Music Festival takes place from 10th. - 15th. November at Camborne Methodist Church (Centenary).  Class 53 is a non-competitive class for solo performers, groups or choirs performing a song sung in the Cornish language.  The song (competitors' own choice - five minutes) will be adjudicated but not marked.  This is a chance for Cornish speakers to showcase the Cornish language.  Entries close on September 21st.    Entry forms can be downloaded from the website:

Gol Ylow Cambron a vyth synsys an 10ves - 15ves a vys Du yn Eglos Vethodek Cambron (Centenary).  Class 53 yw Class hag yw kesstryf rag performyoryon solo, bagasow po curyow a berform can kenys yn Kernewek.  An gan (dewys an kesstryver - pymp mynysen) a vyth brusys heb bos merkys.  Hem yw chons rag kernewegoryon dhe avonsya Kernewek.  Spas rag entransow a dhege an 21a a vys Gwyngala.  Furvlennow entrans a yl bos yskergys dhyworth an wyasva:


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