An Hobys/The Hobbit

An lyver ma re bue trelyes agensow gans Nicholas Williams ha golegys o gans Neil Kennedy ha profredyes gans Clive Baker. Dres oll, An Hobys yw lyver rag flehes ha nyns ues tra vyth an gys scryfa abarth flehes kellys y'n Kernowek an dyllans ma. Yma oll an delynyansow dyllans an dalleth ynno, nebes yn lywyow luen, hag oll warbarth yth yw lyver splan y bewy.

This book has been translated by Nicholas Williams and it was edited Neil Kennedy and proof-read by Clive Baker. Primarily The Hobbit is a book for children and nothing of the writing style for children has been lost in this translation. It has the original illustrations, some in full colour, and all together it is a wonderful book to own.

Published by Evertype. ISBN p.b.:  978-1-78201-089-0 price £15.95, h.b.: 978-1-78201-90-6 price £35.95.

Available from Spyrys a Gernow


Quiz An Gowsva - gorthebow/ An Gowsva quiz - answers


Drolla Gwywer Knofennyk /The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Otomma lyver hep cost aral dhyworth Eddie Climo. Hem yu nyver deu y’n kevres Beatrix Potter, ha hanow an lyver yw “Drolla Gwywer Knofennyk” Omlowenheugh!

Squirrel Nutkin

Ty a yl yscarga “Drolla Gwywer Knofennyk” gans Eddie Climo hep cost omma

Mars nyns us Adobe Acrobat genes war dha jyn-amontya, ty a yl y yscarga omma (hep cost)

Gwreugh dhewheles yn scon rag dysky adro dhe moy lyfrow bryntyn yn Kernewek.

Here is another free book from Eddie Climo. This is number 2 in the Beatrix Potter series and is entitled “Drolla Gwywer Knofennyk / The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin” Enjoy!

You can download ’Drolla Gwywer Knoffenyk’/ ‘The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin’ for free here.

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, you can download a free copy here.

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Tolgus Tin/Sten Talgos

On 4th October members of Agan Tavas and others visited Tolgus Tin which is part of the Cornish Gold Centre near Redruth. The site is a 'stream works' and it has everything for extracting tin from tin slime or waste from mines or the beach. The machinery includes; shaking tables, a round frame and Cornish stamps driven by a water wheel. As a part of the Tolgus site is the Redruth Old Cornwall Society museum which was removed a few years ago from Redruth Town Council's rooms. It's very interesting with it's memories of old Redruth. We were grateful to Vanessa Moyle who prepared a cream tea as part of the visit. There was a competition, in Cornish of course, and a vocabulary for those walking around. The winner of the competition was Peter Jenkin. Following the tour some of those that came took lunch in the restaurant at the Cornish Gold Centre. The food was very good!

4a mys Hedra ysyly Agan Tavas ha re erel  a vysytyas Sten Talgos an pyth yw ran Cresen Owr Kernow ogas dhe Resruth. An tyller yw gweythva sten gover hag yma pub tra ena rag kemeres sten dhyworth po lub sten po atal dhyworth balow po treth. Yn mysk an jynweyth ena yma; mosow crenna ha fram rond ha stankyoryon Kernow herdhyes gans ros dowr. Avel ran Sten Talgos yma an gwythty Cowethas Kernow Goth Resruth a ve remuvyes nans yw nebes bledhynnow dhyworth romys Consel an Dre Resruth. Muer dhe les yw gans covyon Resruth coth. Gras a ve aswonys dhe Vanessa Moyle a barusy te dehen avel ran an tro adro. Yth esa kesstryf yn Kernewek ha gerva rag an re esa ow kerdhes adro. Gwaynyor an kesstryf o Peter Jenkin. Ow sewya an tro adro nebes an re devedhys a gemeras prys ly y'n bosty Cresen Owr Kernow. Pur dha o an bos!


Passio Christi - Nessa ran an Ordinalia

With the permission of the Cornish Language Board, this is the second edition of the book in Unified Cornish with an English translation. Graham Sandercock did a great amount of work on the first edition and there is further editing in this edition by Ray Chubb. It has been kept in the same form as the first edition because there are good remaining stocks of the first and third books.

Gans cumyas Kesva an Taves Kernewek, hem yw second dyllans a'n lyver yn Unyes gans trelyans Sawsnek. Graham Sandercock a wrug muer a ober adro an kensa dyllans hag yma golegyans pellha gans Ray Chubb y'n dyllans ma. Re bue gwythys y'n keth furf avel an kensa dyllans awos bos stockys da an kensa ha tressa lyver.

Prys/price £11.95 ISBN :  978-1-901409-16-1 Kestava/contact: tel. 01209842394


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