Deth yn mes

Ysylly agan party yn mes dhe'n eglos ryb cofven An Gof/Members of our group outside the church by the Angove memorial.

Yth esa attendyans da dhe'n Jeth yn Mes Agan Tavas yn randyr Lanahevran. An vysytyans dhe'n eglos o muer dhe les. Yma muer a ystory dhe'n tyller, ran anedha o styryes gans an scryven dorn yn Kernowek saw moy a ve styryes gans an Warden. Prys ly y'n tavern Carow Gwyn o bryntyn gans bos pur dha ha chons rag muer a gescows. A y wosa ny eth dhe Lergh Natur Bargen Tyr Roskilly. Yth esa kesstryf gans pewas gwaynyes gans Matt Blewett. Awos bos dallethoryon genen, yth esa pewas da rag an ysella merkys! Wosa an kerth yth esa chons dhe assaya dehen rew delycyous Roskilly.

There was a good attendance for the Agan Tavas Day Out in the St Keverne area. The visit to the church was very interesting. The place has a lot of history, part of it explained in the hand out leaflet in Cornish but more was explained by the church warden. Lunch in the White Hart pub was excellent with very good food and a chance for a lot of conversation. After this we went to Roskilly's Farm Nature Trail. There was a competition with a prize won by Matt Blewett. Because beginners were present there was also a good prize for the lowest score! After the walk there was a chance to try Roskilly's delicious ice cream.


Areth yn Kernewek

De Sadorn 23sa mys Ebrel, y fyth areth yn Kernewek dhe Jy Murdoch, Resruth. Dalleth 7.00 w.h. An testen a vyth An Experyans Mexico ha res a vyth gans Vanessa Moyle neb yw esel an gevelheans ynter Resruth ha Real del Monte. Y fyth te po coffy ha bos scaf provyes. Mar mynnough eva neppyth creffa welcom ough why dry neppyth agas honen. Gwreugh avysya Ray orth mar mynnough why dos.

On Saturday 23rd April there will be a lecture in Cornish at Murdoch House, Redruth. Start 7.00pm. The subject will be The Mexican Experience and it will be given by Vanessa Moyle who is a member of the Redruth and Real del Monte twinning. Tea an coffee and light refreshments will be provided. If you wish to drink something stronger you are welcome to bring you own. Please advise Ray at if you will be coming.


Cuntellyans Kemyn Bledhennek

Dhe'n Cuntellyans Kemyn Bledhennek Agan Tavas yth esa ryans an Pewas Perghyryn 2016.  Yma  manylyon an pewas war an wyasva ma. Gwaynyor an vledhen ma a vue Rod Lyon rag y lyver 'Dhe Emlow an Galaksi'. Hem yw whedhlow scyens y'n patron 'Star Trek' saw yma scyens noweth ynno hag ynweth whedhel a dal gorfenna y redya yw. Commendyes yn uhel ynweth o an trelyans 'Drolla Doctour Dolittle gans Eddie Climo.

At the Annual General Meeting of Agan Tavas was the presentation of the 'Pewas Perghyryn' award. There are details of the award on this web site. The winner this year was Rod Lyon for his book 'To the Edges of the Galaxy'. This a science fiction story of the Star Trek genre except that there is new science in it and it's a tale difficult to put down once started. Highly recommended also was the translation of The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Eddie Climo.


Deth an Yeth 2015

De Sadorn 31ves mys Hedra Agan Tavas a synsys Deth an Yeth yn Henlys. An skesen a ugh a dhysqua nebes an dus a wrug dos yn mes a'n pryson coth. Yn myttyn yth esa kerth adro dhe'n dre gans gedyans yn Kernewek heb mur a weres yn Sawsnek!  Sewyes a ve gans prys ly yn Tavern an Clogh. Chons da rag keskewsel yn Kernewek. An bos o pur dha ha nyns o ker. Dohajethwyth, wosa prys ly, yth esa vysytyans dhe'n Gwythty Henlys gans gedyans dhyworth Percy Roberts. Mur ras dhe esel an consel Geoffrey Watson a restryans an tro ma.

On Saturday 31st October Agan Tavas held a Language Day in Helston. The photograph above shows some of the people who came, outside of the old prison. In the morning there was a walk around the town with guidance in Cornish, without much help in English! This was followed by lunch in the Bell Inn. A chance for conversation in Cornish. The food was very good and not expensive. In the afternoon, after lunch, there was a visit to the Helston Museum with guidance provided by Percy Roberts. Thanks go to committee member Geoffrey Watson for organising this trip.


Areth yn Kernewek

Agan Tavas a synsys y gensa areth yn Kernewek yn Chy Murdoch yn Resruth de Sadorn 9ves a vys Me.  Wella Chubb a gewsys adro dh'y vyaj gans y gares ha tus dhyworth lyes ran a'n bys dhe Bhutan rag whythra losow.  Yth esa ganso skesennow marthus a'n pow, a'n dus lel ha'n losoweth.  Splan o clewes Kernewek frosek ha dysky oll adro dhe'n randyr teg ma.  Yth esa cuntell rag Nepal, dystrewys gans dorgrys nans yw dyw seythen, nag usy pell dhyworth Bhutan.  Yma govenek dhyn, synsy arethow moy y'n termyn a dhe yn Kernewek.  Myreugh orth an spas ma!

Agan Tavas held its first talk in Cornish in Murdoch House in Redruth on Saturday 9th. May.  Wella Chubb spoke about his trip with his girlfriend and other people from many parts of the world to Bhutan to search for plants.  He had amazing photos of the country, of the local people and of the vegetation.  There was a collection for Nepal, devastated by an earthquake two weeks ago, which is not far from Bhutan.  It was splendid to hear fluent Cornish and learn all about this beautiful region.  We hope to hold more talks in Cornish in future.  Watch this space.


Cors Kernewek nowydh/ New Cornish course

Y fyth cors Kernewek nowyth rag dallethoryon ow talleth de Lun 11ves mys Me yn Resrudh, dyskys gans Esther Johns.

There will be a new Cornish course for beginners starting on Monday 11th. May in Redruth, taught by Esther Johns.


Esel Bewnans Enor

De Sadorn 14ves mys Whevrel synsys o Cuntellyans Kemmyn Bledhennek Agan Tavas.  Yth esa moy ysyly ages usyes devedhes ha peswar esel noweth a wrug omjunnya an kethsam deth na. An Caderyer a wrug daswel an vledhen passyes mayth o hewelder Agan Tavas encressyes. Clive Baker a vyn pesya avel Caderyer ha Ray Chubb avel Scryvynyas ha Gareth Parry avel Alwedhor. Heather Ashworth a ve gwres Esel Bewnans Enor.

Saturday 14th February was the Agan Tavas AGM. More members than usual attended and four new members joined at the meeting. The Chairman reviewed the past year where the visibility of Agan Tavas had been increased. Clive Baker continues as Chairman, Ray Chubb as Secretary and Gareth Parry as Treasurer. Heather Ashworth was made an Honorary Life Member.


Pewas Perghyryn 2015


An vledhen ma, rag an kensa prys, kens CKB Agan Tavas y fe awardyes Pewas Perghyryn rag lyenyeth yn Kernewek. An gwaynyor yw Eddie Climo rag y lyver 'Drollys Gys-Dons'. Comprehendys yn lyver Drollys Gys-Dons' yma gwaryow Nadelek Kernow gans trelyansow yn Kernowek ynweth canow an weryn tuchya Nadelek ha re erel, oll gans trelyans Kernowek.

This year, for the first time, prior to the Agan Tavas AGM 'Pewas Perghyryn', (the Michael Palmer prize), for literature in Cornish was awarded. The winner is Eddie Climo for his book 'Drollys Gys-Dons'  Included in 'Drollys Gys-Dons' are Cornish Christmas plays with translations in Cornish also folk songs about Christmas and others all with Cornish translations.


Ginger and Pickles

Ginger and Pickles

Otomma an kensa lyver hep cost dhyworth Eddie Climo rak 2015. Hem yu yn an form kethsam kepar del an lyfrow hep cost erel. Yma dhyn cuntellyans bras omma lemmyn. Dyscargeugh, mar plek hag omlowenheugh!

Here is the first free book from Eddie Climo for 2015. This is in the same form as the other free books. We have a great collection here now. Please download and enjoy!!


Tregher Kerlew/The Taylor of Gloucester

Otomma lyver hep cost aral dhyworth Eddie Climo, esel Agan Tavas. Yma deu restryn omma rag comparyans, onen yn Sawsnek hag onen aral yn Kernewek. Hanow an lyver yu "Tregher Kerlew". Omlowenheugh mar plek!

Here is another free book from Eddie Climo, an Agan Tavas member. There are two files here for comparison, one in English and another one in Cornish. The name of the book is "The Taylor of Gloucester". Please enjoy!


Prys Ly Nadelek/Christmas Lunch

An vledhen ma ysyly Agan Tavas a gemeras prys ly Nadelek y'n Tavern Pons Resulyan ogas dhe Resruth.  Yth o an kensa prys an gowethas dhe synsy an wharfos ma omma ha sowyn bras ova. Attendyes pur dha en ny gans an ostesow, Julie ha Sandra, a wrug parusy an gwella prys ly Nadelek a'n gowethas bysqueth. Yth esa mur dhe dhybry ha lyes dewys rag an re na ha nyns yw da gansa bos usyes Nadelek. Ny a yl comendya an tavern dhe re erel hep mar.

'This year Agan Tavas had Christmas lunch at the Bridge Inn near Redruth. It was the first time that the society have held their lunch here and it was a great success. We were attended by the hostesses, Julie and Sandra, who prepared the society's best Christmas lunch ever. There was plenty to eat and a number of choices for those who preferred not to have the normal Christmas fare. We can recommend the pub to others of course.



An Hobys/The Hobbit

An lyver ma re bue trelyes agensow gans Nicholas Williams ha golegys o gans Neil Kennedy ha profredyes gans Clive Baker. Dres oll, An Hobys yw lyver rag flehes ha nyns ues tra vyth an gys scryfa abarth flehes kellys y'n Kernowek an dyllans ma. Yma oll an delynyansow dyllans an dalleth ynno, nebes yn lywyow luen, hag oll warbarth yth yw lyver splan y bewy.

This book has been translated by Nicholas Williams and it was edited Neil Kennedy and proof-read by Clive Baker. Primarily The Hobbit is a book for children and nothing of the writing style for children has been lost in this translation. It has the original illustrations, some in full colour, and all together it is a wonderful book to own.

Published by Evertype. ISBN p.b.:  978-1-78201-089-0 price £15.95, h.b.: 978-1-78201-90-6 price £35.95.

Available from Spyrys a Gernow


Quiz An Gowsva - gorthebow/ An Gowsva quiz - answers


Drolla Gwywer Knofennyk /The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Otomma lyver hep cost aral dhyworth Eddie Climo. Hem yu nyver deu y’n kevres Beatrix Potter, ha hanow an lyver yw “Drolla Gwywer Knofennyk” Omlowenheugh!

Squirrel Nutkin

Ty a yl yscarga “Drolla Gwywer Knofennyk” gans Eddie Climo hep cost omma

Mars nyns us Adobe Acrobat genes war dha jyn-amontya, ty a yl y yscarga omma (hep cost)

Gwreugh dhewheles yn scon rag dysky adro dhe moy lyfrow bryntyn yn Kernewek.

Here is another free book from Eddie Climo. This is number 2 in the Beatrix Potter series and is entitled “Drolla Gwywer Knofennyk / The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin” Enjoy!

You can download ’Drolla Gwywer Knoffenyk’/ ‘The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin’ for free here.

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, you can download a free copy here.

Revisit the Agan Tavas website soon for more delightful books in Cornish.



Passio Christi - Nessa ran an Ordinalia

With the permission of the Cornish Language Board, this is the second edition of the book in Unified Cornish with an English translation. Graham Sandercock did a great amount of work on the first edition and there is further editing in this edition by Ray Chubb. It has been kept in the same form as the first edition because there are good remaining stocks of the first and third books.

Gans cumyas Kesva an Taves Kernewek, hem yw second dyllans a'n lyver yn Unyes gans trelyans Sawsnek. Graham Sandercock a wrug muer a ober adro an kensa dyllans hag yma golegyans pellha gans Ray Chubb y'n dyllans ma. Re bue gwythys y'n keth furf avel an kensa dyllans awos bos stockys da an kensa ha tressa lyver.

Prys/price £11.95 ISBN :  978-1-901409-16-1 Kestava/contact: tel. 01209842394


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