Cowethas rak Gwetha hag Avonsya'n Tavas Kernewek

Society for the Protection and Promotion of the Cornish Language

Bagas Scodhya rak Usyoryon an Tavas Kernewek

Support Group for Users of the Cornish Language

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Deth Kernewek Resruth 2a Mys Est. Gwreugh kestava orth Pat mar plek ( po 01209 215917)

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Agan Tavas was reformed in 1990 to support the Unified Cornish spelling, first introduced in 1929, which took the Cornish Language Revival to a new level of activity.

Our aim now is to continue supporting Unified Cornish but also to support all activity in the language which is firmly based on how Cornish was historically written and constructed.

Agan Tavas opposes excessive invention in Revived Cornish whether this takes the form of spelling systems, grammatical construction or over-strenuous efforts to devise new words for modern concepts.  We believe that if Cornish today is to achieve respect within the academic community, the greatest care must be taken to ensure that the language is as historically accurate as possible.

In order to achieve this aim, Agan Tavas will campaign for, support and promote careful, evidence-based, scholarly study of the historical corpus and promote classes, learning materials and other activities making use of such study.  We will also campaign for the accurate representation of Cornish in public life.

Y fu Agan Tavas dasformyes y’n vledhen 1990 rag scodhya lytherenyeth Kernewek Unyes, furf a’n tavas ervyrys y’n kensa prys y’n vledhen 1929, hag a dhros an Dasserghyans Kernewek dhe ughelder noweth a vewder. 

Yth yu whath agan towl ny hedhyu scodhya Kernewek Unyes, warbarth gans pup eghen a Gernewek a vo fundys fast war spellyans ha war dhrehevyans an tavas ystorek.

Yma Agan Tavas ow sconya re a dhesmygyans noweth y’n Kernewek Dasvewys, be va y’n lytherenyeth, yn furvyow gramasek bo yn devysyans dres musur a eryow rak taclow ha tybyansow a’gan dedhyow ny. Mars on ny whensys dhe weles an tavas degemerys hag enorys yn bys an scoloryon, res yw kemeres wyth may fo natur an Kernewek dasvewys mar ogas del yll bos dhe’n tavas tythyak. 

Rak collenwel an towl ma Agan Tavas a wra caskergh rak, scodhya hag avonsya studhyans lettrys skentyl, grondys war an dustuny a’n scryvow ystorek, hag yn un wul defnyth a’n studhyans na an gowethas a wra avonsya classys, dafar desky ha gwryans aral. Ny a vyn gul caskergh kefrys rak dysquedhyans kewar a’n tavas Kernewek yn bewnans an bobel.

To become a member of Agan Tavas or for other enquiries please contact Ray Chubb on +44 (0)1209-842394 or e-mail or print and send in our application form. Choose from Word format or PDF.

Caderyer Clive Baker

Chairman Clive Baker