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The Michael Palmer Award for Cornish Language Literature

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Margaret and Jane Palmer

Michael Palmer's widow Margaret and his daughter Jane at the launch of the Michael Palmer Award for Cornish Language Literature

Agan Tavas launched a new award for literature in Cornish at their recent Annual General Meeting in Redruth.

“We are delighted to be launching this new award and hope that it will encourage Cornish speakers to write or translate literature in Cornish so it can be published” said Agan Tavas Chairman Ray Chubb, “and because revived Cornish has been spelt in a number of ways over the years, orthography would not be a factor in deciding the winner.”

The closing date for entries is 31st October 2014 and any work of more than 2000 words written or published during the previous 12 months is eligible. Entries must be original or translations into Cornish.

“We will present the award to the winning entrant each February at the Agan Tavas Annual General Meeting,” added Ray Chubb “and soon after we can help prepare the work for publication if it has not already been done and make the new work more widely available.”

The new award, consisting of a perpetual trophy and a certificate, has been named the “Pewas Perghyryn Lyenyeth Kernewek” (The Michael Palmer Award for Cornish Language Literature) in honour of Michael Palmer, a prolific writer of verse, short stories and novels in Cornish before his death in 2005.

“Michael Palmer’s untimely death has depleted the volume of new original literary works that are being published in Cornish,” said Mr Chubb, “ and we hope that this award will help to fill the gap left by his passing.” Mr Palmer’s widow Margaret and daughter Jane, who kindly donated the trophy,  were present at the Agan Tavas AGM  to officially launch the award.

Margaret thanked the society for thinking of Michael when it instigated the new award. Those present were informed that Michael's interest in Cornish had been sparked off by his research into his family's history. She also acknowledged the work of Niall Timmins of St Erth Praze who had created the splendid trophy.

Entry forms for the award can be downloaded here or obtained by post from The Secretary, Agan Tavas, Gordon Villa, Sunnyvale Road, Portreath TR16 4NE or at The rules can be obtained from the same address or downloaded here in English or here in Cornish.