Bewnans Meryasek – edited by Ray Chubb

Publisher: Agan Tavas This fabulously interesting transliteration of the original 1504 version of the miracle play, Bewnans Meryasek or the Camborne Play, is of great interest to Cornish language speakers and also to those with no Cornish because it a bilingual edition with a literal English translation. It contains 12 illustrations taken, with permission, from […]


PUBLISHER: Dyllansow Truran Creation of the World is a Cornish Drama written by William Jordon (1611) but almost certainly transcribed from a much earlier manuscript. This version was put into the standard Unified spelling by Morton–Nance and A.S.D. Smith and edited by E.G. Retallack–Hooper. The Cornish has an English translation over leaf. UC 0907566367 £2.45 […]