Dedh Tregedna

Under the auspices of Rosweyth, a loose group which enables the language groups to consult and work together, Agan Tavas is taking the lead to organise a Tregedna Day. The idea of the day is to improve spoken Cornish, of course, but also it will be a chance to set the pattern for future days or weekends and prepare resources for them. The date set for the first one is Saturday 22nd February 2020 from 9.00am to 10.00pm and it will be held in The Old School Centre Illogan. We will prepare lunch and dinner together in Cornish and, if there are enough people staying nearby, room only, on the Friday night, breakfast as well. As well as preparing food in Cornish, some of the ideas at present for events are: board games, a trip in the country weather permitting, an art demonstration and sea shanties. If you wish to come please complete the form here and send it to the contact address on the form with a remittance.

Deadline for applications 15th February.

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3 Replies to “Dedh Tregedna”

  1. Delia Brotherton says: Reply

    Marthus yw an dydhyow na ha ri meur a weres gans Kernewek. Nyns yns y kepar ha class ha moy ages yeth an werin yns, martesen kepar ha dydh gans teylu, ow cul hag ow clappya adro taclow kemmyn. Gwary teg yn gwir! / These days are marvellous and help a lot with Cornish. They are not like a class and are more than a yeth an werin, perhaps like a day with the family, doing and chatting about ordinary things. Great fun indeed!

  2. Audrey Metcalfe says: Reply

    Tybyans da, dhe les dhymm yw.

    1. A vynnyn ny dha weles ena, Audrey?

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