Gerlyver Kescows gans Ian Jackson

Dyllor: Agan Tavas

Gerlyver noweth gans an porpos ry gweres dhe gescows dhe Yeth an Weryn ha cuntellyansow erel Kernewegoryon. Kernewek – Sawsnek, Sawsnek – Kernewek gans 5000 ger dewysys awos an lyklod a’ga bos usyes dhe wharfosow¬†cowethasek. Braster A5 gans 300 folen. Possybyl yw gweles exampyl an pyth ues aberveth omma.

Y hyllyr dyscarga folen ewnansow dhe’n kensa gwask omma


ISBN 13:  978-1-901409-20-8


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2 Replies to “Gerlyver Kescows gans Ian Jackson”

  1. Would you please upload some viewable inner content? I would like to make an informed decision as to whether or not to purchase.
    Meur ras, oll an gwella.

    1. Poynt da. An example of the content is now available.

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