Un Hembrynkyas a’n Sordyans – John Rosewarne a Rosewarne (ogas dhe Gamborn)

Bys pan termyn ber ny wruk-vy keskelmy an gwary merkyl ‘Bewnans Meryasek’, an sordyans 1497 ha den gentyl John ‘Gentleman John’ de Rosewarne dhyworth Rosewarne ogas dhe Gambron yn conteth a Gerryer yn Kernow.  An sordyans o tuchya an tollow adhyworth Myghtern Henry Tudor dhe allosegy an Sawson dhe vatallyas an Albanas. Ynweth onen an […]

Tansys Golowan Warlinen

Midsummer Bonfire

Tansys Golowan Warlinen Pup bledhen, nos-gol Jowan (23ves Mys Metheven) an Gernowyon a wruk solempnya Golowan gans tansysow. Awos an tansysow o hokkyes bys pan ny a allas bos warbarth arta, yma Agan Tavas ha Kefrysyans a Cowethasow Kernow Goth ostyas Tansys Golowan furfwyr warlinen war’n 23ves Mys Metheven yn ran dhe Seythen Kewsel Kernewek. […]

Games Evening

On Friday 25th October we are holding a board games evening, all welcome. Play Scrabble, Cluedo, Mouse Trap and many more including simple games like Snakes and Ladders for beginners. Venue: The Liberal Party Hall, Vivian Street, Camborne. Time: 7.00pm, £2.00 on the door, tea and light refreshments.